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Distribution Transformer

  • ISI approved offload distribution transformer starting from 100 KVA to 2500 KVA under BIS-1180(Jan 2016) and above 2500 KVA up-to 5000 KVA under IS-2026 of all voltage class and covering all level of efficiency.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Pad Mounted
  • Copper with multiple paper covering
  • BIS-1180, IS-2026, IEC 60076 applicable standards

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Solar / Wind Transformer

  • Oil Cooled Distribution Transformers built with standard range of 250 KVA to 4000 KVA.
  • Designed to give maintenance free long lasting operation for minimum 30 years.
  • Copper Static shield provided between primary and secondary to protect transformer against disturbance.
  • We take flux density lower to decrease core loss due to harmonic interference from inverters and thyristors.

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Furnace Transformer

  • Furnace Transformer is designed for induction melting and induction heating for ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
  • Induction Furnace has coil constructed from heavy copper tubing.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Pad Mounted
  • Copper with multiple paper covering
  • IS-2026, IEC 60076 applicable standards

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Compact Sub Station (CSS)

  • Compact Substation with a standard range is 250 KVA to 5000 KVA. 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 & 33 KV voltages class.
  • Dry type or vacuum impregnated transformer.
  • Designed for indoor installation close to their point of use at the center of the major load consumers.
  • These transformers are combined with their primary and secondary switchgear and distribution boards into compact substations that are installed directly at their point of use.

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Power Transformer

  • Oil Cooled Power Transformers with a standard range of 3000 KVA to 50 MVA. 33, 66, 132 KV voltages class.
  • Design conforms to IS 2026, IEC 60076, ANSI and other relevant standards
  • Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal and dynamic stresses
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for compactness

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