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Synergy Transformers is a specialist manufacturers and exporters of furnace transformers in India. Wide range of furnace power transformers are produced in difference specification to meet all industrial needs of transformers and are widely used in arc furniture duty applications. Electric arc furniture transformers are built for steel furnace, ladle furnace etc.

About Furnace Transformer :

Furnace transformer is designed to meet the requirement of power supply to electric furnace as this lowers the high voltage supply to the furnace. In the mining & metal industry, these transformers seek huge appreciation. The types, voltage and cooling modes vary in order to perfectly cater the needs of the application areas. The excellent cooling modes like forced water cooling mode, self-cooling mode, etc., also make these transformers highly efficient in working.

Types of Furnace Electrical Transformers:
  • 12 Pulse Furnace Transformers
  • 24 pulse furnace transformers
  • 6 Pulse Furnace Transformers
  • Arc Furnace Transformers
Details of Furnace Power Transformers:
  • Up to 10 MVA,Upto 33kV,ONAN/OFWF Cooling
Specific Features of Electric Arc Furniture Transformers:
  • Provides a long trouble-free performance
  • Low power loss and low noise
  • Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal and dynamic stresses
  • Made of high grade components
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness and reliability
Uses of Furnace Arc Transformers:
  • Steel-melting.
  • Steel heating for metal forging.
  • Iron Alloy-melting
  • Calcium Carbide-melting

Rectifier duty Transformers

Rectifier duty transformers introduced not just only for transmission for electricity to entire networks but also for other purposes. These transformers used to withstand against entire harmonics occurred by converter of rectifier. While electric power supply rectifier duty transformers also used for earthed screen between two windings to decrease disturbance of radio frequency.

Sr. No. Primary Secondary Remarks
1   (1) Secondary winding.
  (2) 2 way, using Bridge circuit.
  (3) 6 Pulse

  (1) One delta and one star cell side windings
  (2) 2 way using Bridge circuit.
  (3) 12 Pulse
Furnace transformers
D-2 Output Voltage Wave forms in 6 / 12 Pulse Circuit
rectifier duty transformer
D-3 Earthed Shield Provided Between Primary & Secondary Side Windings
Dry type transformers
Why dimensions and weights of the Induction Furnace Transformers are elevated than the Conventional Transformers?

To attain condensed current densities, additional areas of conductor cross sections are necessary therefore core weight boosts.

In the transformer, core weight age as well as copper weight age are inter reliant. Boost in the conductor cross sections need the area of core window being bigger result into increase in the core weight too. In the same way increase of core cross sections is attained through increasing the core Dias. The increase in it means Dias for winding as well as lengths of the mean turn. It increases the copper weight too. Increase in the core as well as copper weights boost the dimensions overall, structural steel, increase in oil quantity, etc.

While the electrostatic shield is given between windings, additional radial space is needed between windings. It further increases the core weight, oil quantity, copper weight, as well as structural steel.


Induction Heating

Induction Melting
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