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Our Motto

Value with Quality has made Synergy grow as one of the largest and the most trusted manufacturer of transformer company with an IS0 9001:2015 Certification . . .

We at Synergy Transformers are a team of engineers with expertise in the electrical field. We are engaged in the manufacturing of distribution transformers and special purpose transformers under the brand name SYNERGY. We firmly believe in quality and that too backed up by after-sales services to their installations throughout INDIA. Synergy Transformers was established in the year 2004. The company is based at Pipaliya 24 km. North of Rajkot, one of the fastest-growing industrial zone of the country. The city is well connected by air, rail, and road. We are manufacturing ISI approved onload distribution transformer starting from 200 KVA to 2500 KVA under BIS-1180(Jan 2016) and above 2500 KVA up-to 5000 KVA under IS-2026 of all voltage class and covering all level of efficiency and Power transformer ranges from 3 MVA to 50 MVA of 132 kV voltage class. We design and manufacture a complete range of transformers in our class. We at synergy transformers see that our customers get the best of the products and excellent after-sales service support. Every work in the world and under the sun requires dedication. When dedication is deep from the heart and done full-heartedly, nature cannot deny development to the one. When a company steps towards progress with dedication, the Face of the Nation is bound to be held high.


To be a leader in the Transformer Industry by developing new product innovations that feature with the best quality casting an International repute.


Synergy reflects its mission of delivering the best quality of Transformers, which justify the Value for Money for its customers.

Health Safety & Environment

  • Every business survives for the betterment of society as well as not to it's unwell bringing. Keeping the ethics in our principles we are dedicated to protecting the environment into every way which is mandatory by the government Laws that may add to society's welfare.
  • We won’t do any harm to society. We may group pollution control standards as well as treat people associated with us in the Law steadfast manner.
  • As India’s most important transformer manufacture companies, as well as one which is apprehended in the high value even by the competitors, an enormous deal of significance is attached for living our image like value-based association. We are a morally responsible company, work with transparency, authenticate sincerity and commitment, both horizontally and vertically across the organization as well as instill the spirit of reliability. We also endeavor and extend the values of our business contacts, be it dealers or valued customers.