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Important thing of efficient transformers manufacturer to join ITMA

Established in 1979, the Indian transformer manufacturer association (ITMA) has the only prime objective of the promotion of the interest of the manufacturers of the distribution as well as the power transformers, rectifier transformers, furnace transformers, efficient transformers, auto and instrument transformers. .....

Benefits of solar inverter transformers in energy transmission industries

It is common topic of discussion either there is something interesting under sun. People have mixed opinion about the topic. But when it comes to solar inverter transformers, it demands for new design approach.....

Oil Burner Repairing – How to replace the electric furnace transformers

Your oil burner is not making spark to light the transformer. You must be thinking how to deal with the problem. Actually, repairing or replacing this part is not a problem.....

Building Step down transformers

Step down transformers taking power from high voltage source and converting it into lower ones. The devices are common in power supplies, electrical systems and power grids. Step down transformers have different power and sizes.....

How 11KV transformers beneficial for energy industrial market?

11KV Transformers are low noise, compact structure transformers with excellent mechanical strength. It is available in sealed structure so that insulation oil can be protected from aging and pollution.

Characteristics of an ideal Step down transformer

The Step down transformer is not a new product; it has been used for domestic purposes to lower the high voltage fluctuation. You must agree on the fact that high voltage current is unhealthy for electronic appliances and this may cause a wire short, which ultimately damage your appliance.

Things to now about reliability of Industrial Transformers

Industrial transformers reliability concludes either transformers are fit to use or they should be replaced or customized. Here we will discuss major factors influencing industrial transformers reliability.

How to test a furnace transformer?

Any furnace that is operated through voltage needs a transformer attached with it. Either it is a home furnace or industrial furnace.

Metal industry uses Furnace and rectifier transformers

Furnace transformers differ from other power transformers due to their operating conditions, application and close proximity to hot furnaces. These are used to step down the voltage which results in huge secondary currents.

Experts recommend dry type distribution transformer as a safe alternative

Dry type distribution transformers may be new thing for you, but in India, transformer manufacturers are offering these box-shaped transformers constructed with several wire connections.

Reliable and Energy Efficient Transformers for Economic Power Development

With the increased demand of energy saving and cost cutting in power development, a need reliable and energy efficient transformers has also increased.

Important Factors while choosing Low Loss Transformer

If you are thinking to buy a low loss transformer, you must consider some important factors about the transformers and their operational standards.

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