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Building Step down transformers

For efficient operations, step down transformers should be purchased from reputed brands like Synergy Transformers in India.

When you are planning to build a step down transformer, you have to focus on certain parameters like – iron core, primary coil, calculation and secondary coil.

Iron Core – Primary step is to work on iron core. For home appliances, iron core is small square sheets. They are usually stacked over each other having hole in between. Most of the times, iron core is thick conveyor belt. But the question is why to use iron core for building step down transformers? Actually it conducts magnetism instead of electricity.

Primary Coil – Wrap wire all around the iron core. But make sure that wires are thick enough and insulated for carrying electric current without making overheating. Proper insulation avoids short circuit inside transformer. The wires routed from initial power source and wrapped around iron core are termed as primary coil. At the same time, number of turns on secondary coil would be limited as compared to primary ones based on equation.

Calculation – Now you have to use equation to find out how many times you should wrap primary and secondary coil for efficient operations. Number of turn on primary coil divided by number of turns on secondary coil equals to primary and secondary voltage ratio. Primary voltage is flow of current passing through the transformer. Secondary voltage is final output you want to obtain.

Building step down transformers is little bit tricky without experts’ assistance. It would be an intelligent idea to take help from synergy experts without making any further delay. Our technical team is ready to take your queries throughout the day.

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