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Important thing of efficient transformers manufacturer to join ITMA

The ITMA has about 250 members located in various Indian states and also represent the maximum production capacity of the distribution and power transformer in the nation; it has the top transformer manufacturer in its role.

The ITMA was initially conceptualized to form a very powerful body for the allied industry as well as for the transformers, this is possible only by establishing an excellent rapport with the ministry of commerce, ministry of finance, ministry of steel, ministry of power, the ministry of small scale industry, ministry of heavy industry, test houses and excise and custom departments etc.

Indian efficient transformers manufacturers provide help to the industry to contribute as well as improve the present power system and with the help of its national growth. It also organizes seminars as well as conferences at the national as well as international level with the view to know the latest technical know how that has to be introduced in the industry.

Why should join Indian transformer manufacturer association?

The ITMA always seeks solutions for every technical as well as commercial problems of each of its members with the help of the right authorities so that all its members can conduct their business in the most appropriate manner. This is the main reason why every Indian transformer manufacturer must be a member of the ITMA.

Along with this help and support the ITMA also publishes a monthly journal that contains every valuable information as well as article to put forward the present scenario of the industry so that its members can be benefited. This journal is also circulated among the free members so that even they can be benefited by the latest news, technologies and other updates that will surely benefit them in their business forever.

The ITMA is a huge support to the efficient transformers manufacturers in India and every such manufacturer must be a member of ITMA to be benefited by latest news and technical updates of

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