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Oil Burner Repairing – How to replace the electric furnace transformers

Our experts at Synergy Transformers will explain you how to overcome the problem. With little focus and consideration, this task can be completed quickly.

To repair your electric furnace transformers, just loose the screws that holds it down. Hit the reset button and wait for furnace motor to start. As soon as motor gets started, little pull on the furnace transformer and try to listen spark to jump to electrodes. Practically spark is very much hot in nature. If you notice lazy orange or yellow instead of blue spark then there is immediate need of replacing your existing furnace transformers.

To replace the furnace transformers, first you have to switch off the power supply to avoid any accident. Now open the transformer to fix the issue. When you will observe properly, there are two screws at the backend. Protectorelay should be removed from junction box and wires should be unhooked going through furnace transformer. Please check properly how these wires are interconnected so that you can fix them in the same state again.

Now push the reset button on Protectorelay fixed inside junction box. Tight the screws again and fix the wires at their proper locations. Now try to fire the oil burner again. If it is still not giving any spark then there may be other problems in the setup. In this situation, continue with troubleshoot or call experts from Synergy transformers to help you.

Oil burner problems may come in bunches so you don’t have to disappoint. Have patience and check every part one by one to make necessary replacements. If you have little mechanical knowledge then this task can be completed quickly. Have fun and enjoy troubleshooting with us.

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