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Reliable and Energy Efficient Transformers for Economic Power Development

This is significant that a big amount of electricity is gone during the distribution and transmission from the generation point to the consumption node. This is why a good and reliable transformer is required to manage the loss of electricity while it is shifted from one point to another. Various manufacturers like Synergy Transformers have developed the advanced quality affordable and energy efficient transformers to manage such losses.

How many watts these transformers can save?
At typical load of 35%, an average loss of energy efficient transformers is approximately 30% lesser than the standard 150°C rise general purpose transformer. Improvement in efficiency of transformer at the loading level is mainly a result of the notably decreased core loss.

Difference between energy saving and energy efficient transformers
The energy-saving transformers have full load losses than the energy efficient transformers. This advantage quickly vanishes when loading is decreased, usually reaching a trade off at around 50 – 70 percent load. According to the surveys, an average loading is 35% for the low voltage transformers over a usual period of 24 hours. Use of these energy saving transformers at the loading level represents the loss penalty over the standard transformers due to the inherently bigger core loss. The energy efficient transformers are designed for replacing the energy saving transformers at more distinctive levels of loading in the role of energy saving.

Synergy Transformers is producing energy efficient transformers to provide low temperature rise in order to save energy. The life of these transformers is long due to following reasons:

Advanced Transformers

The advanced transformers use good quality prime/virgin equipments for manufacturing transformers. In case there is any specific requirements you have in order to have the best energy efficient transformer for you, customized solution can help you get one for you. For it, the requirements are evaluated and accessed by experts and guide you to choose the best efficient transformer.

Use of low loss core material
Most of the energy efficient transformers use low loss core material. The core losses must be determined properly. The core losses occur due to the eddy currents and hysteresis in transformers. Thus, crucial consideration is the core choice. In order to reduce the core losses in energy efficient transformer, high quality magnetic steel is used. For reducing losses due to eddy currents, laminated cores are used.

Poor regulation also caused load losses thus measure of regulation in transformer of secondary zero load voltage and full load voltage is required in an efficient transformer.

In case you need more information about energy efficient transformers, feel free to visit the website of Synergy Transformers. Also check the products to find the best transformer for you that suits for all your energy saving requirements.

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