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Things to now about reliability of Industrial Transformers

Operating Environment :
It is the set of conditions under which transformer will be exposed during its entire service life. It may be weather conditions, impurities, voltage, applications, and system parameters. The factor influencing life of transformer should be properly observed and documented. NEMA or ANSI address these issues and try to find out more effective solutions to overcome these.

Transformer specifications :
This part includes all important constraints and functionalities that should be performed by any particular transformer. Also includes operating environment that affects overall service life of a transformer.

Transformer Design :
This factor ensures that all operating conditions affecting the performance of transformer are converted into meaningful information by Transformers manufacturers India. Everything should be documented properly so that it could be forwarded to international standards NEMA or ANSI to address design issues. It is necessary to address each operating condition in design phase to make Industrial transformers more optimum and efficient. Any carelessness may decrease operational efficiency and service life of transformers.

Manufacturing Process :
Here final product is manufactured from paper design. Variations may occur because of different materials, machine handling, and personnel. Sometimes there are variations between similar products also. The main objective of transformer manufacturers is designing quality product closer to customers’ specifications.

Installation and shipment :
Once manufactures are ready with final product, next important step is installation. Any mishandling during installation and shipment may result into transformer failure. There are certain obligatory checks before powering up industrial transformers. It should be closely tested for different quality parameters before final installation.

The next important part is transformer maintenance. Industrial Transformers should be maintained on regular time intervals for better service life and optimum operational results.

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